SUSPICION featured in iO9's list of Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That Will Change Your Life This Fall.


Booklist: "Intensely dramatic, fast-paced, and twisty, Monir's mystery ticks every gothic suspense box. The combination of paranormal elements with a star-crossed romance between almost-royals should keep readers rapt."


Suspense magazine: "A terrific read that will keep you looking out for Imogen as she goes through her trials and tribulations. And the ending...WOW! The ending is a huge surprise that no reader should miss."


Bows & Bullets Reviews: "The perfect mystery to keep you ignoring life for just one more chapter. It's that amazing, need to read quality that we all look for in a novel. What more could you want? 5/5"


VOYA: "Die-hard romantics and royalty watchers will find the end worth mooning over."


Monster Librarian: "For fans of The Princess Diaries or Rebecca, this is a good fit."




USA Today Recommendation: "This book was a quick and fun read filled with romantic suspense and mystery."


Kirkus Reviews: "This sequel to Timeless delivers plenty of romance with even more time-traveling excitement."


School Library Journal: "The strength of this book lies in its plot, with plenty of twists and turns."


Open Book Society: "Alexandra Monir is a damn good writer--and that is the best way to say it. 5/5 stars."


Justine Magazine: "Timekeeper is like music for your heart."


Booklist: "The setting--Manhattan, both turn of the century and contemporary--stands out clearly as the true centerpiece of this love letter to the opulence of the Gilded Age."


Teenreads: "While the first book was romance wrapped up in time travel, Timekeeper contains much more urgency as the mystery of exactly how Michele is able to time travel emerges."


Once Upon A Twilight: "If you have read the first book and loved it you won't be disappointed with the sequel to it. 5/5 stars."


Reading Lark: "The wait was well worth it. 4.5/5 stars."


Blookgirl: "...just as good as Timeless- if not better!"


I'd So Rather Be Reading: "With all the world-building complete, Monir really took off with the story, making for a great read. 4.5/5 stars."


Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf: "...just as dashing, romantic, and suspenseful as the first one."


USA Today: Book Trailer Reveal




The Huffington Post: For Alexandra Monir, Book Is Just The Beginning *Amazon Best Books of the Month, January 2011. "Timeless is a captivating romance and mystery spanning three decades of high-society life and intrigue in New York City."


Booklist: "... Monir has crafted an intriguing time-travel fantasy that will be an easy sell to romance fans, who will hope for a sequel."


School Library Journal: "Youngsters intrigued by time travel will revel in Michele's adventures into the past, enjoying the historically accurate details, while her amorous trysts with Philip, accented by the difference in mores between his time and hers, will appeal to romance fans."


VOYA: "Reminiscent of Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife... Like all good historical fiction, this novel effectively compares courtship, the constraints of society living, and differences in language."


J-14: "If you like historical fiction like Anna Godbersen's The Luxe or fantasy romances like Aprilynne Pike's Wings (and of course, Twilight), you'll love J-14's newest book club pick: Timeless by Alexandra Monir."


Savvy Magazine online: "Alexandra expertly hits the sweet spot in this story, weaving together the perfect blend of quality content, romance and heart-pounding adventure that fill every page." "Timeless will break your heart, take your breath away, and give you hope." "The research, the locations, the re-telling of history has me completely and utterly 'hooked.' 'Bella and Edward' is most definitely Michele and Philip." "All I can say is I utterly loved Timeless. It touched my heart, and not a lot of books do that. If it became a movie I would watch it over and over again. I give it five stars and hope that everyone goes out and picks up a copy of this book!" "I really, really loved this romantic time traveling book. You could really tell Alexandra Monir did her research to make sure the history of NYC, music and every tiny detail that went into writing this book was perfect." "Timeless is breath taking! It is beautifully written with a unique and creative storyline... the author's imagination took the story to somewhere I've never been while reading a book." 5/5 stars "If Timeless was a meal, I'd ask for seconds! ...I found Alexandra Monir's writing much like main character Michele- elegant, relatable and charming. ...The descriptive quality of her writing made me feel as if I had stumbled backward in time myself."


Bewitched Bookworms: "So beautiful and romantic- I loved this book!" 5/5 stars


Confessions of a Book Addict: "I highly recommend this book to fans of historical fiction and romance; Timeless is going down as one of my favorite reads of 2011!"

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